Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Sampling of Stoudt's Brewing Company

                Here at Drinks All Around we’re very much into the idea of supporting local Breweries and Brewpubs.  A recent vacation to the Reading area brought us to Adamstown, PA and Stoudt’s Brewing Company.  We were unable to tour the actual Brewery because of the day of the week but we did find our way into their neighboring Brewpub.
                The plan of action was to sit at the bar, eat a burger, drink a few different beers, and have fun.  What we didn’t plan for was that we were walking into one of the nicer restaurants in which we’ve ever eaten.  We sat in a lovely booth against the far wall that was closed off with its own walls and roof.  Then we ate the flesh of other living things!

But this blog is not about hedonism (usually).  It’s about the beers.
                Stoudt’s Brewing Company makes some of the better beers in the area.  I think their American Pale Ale is one of the best pale ales around. On this particular day I, of course, had one (4).
                The American Pale Ale is Stoudt’s best selling beer, and many believe the best tasting.  If you’ve been brainwashed by the big beer companies and their watered down “Lite” beers, this may be a good starting point for a new pallet geared towards the finer things in life.  (Or just fancier things to talk about while you’re passing out on the floor)
                If you’re looking for something a little lighter but still with enough full-body and flavor to satisfy, try Stoudt’s Pils.  A standard German Pilsner, this beer is terrific for all tastes and pallets.  This is that “goes down smooth without the aftertaste” beer that so many people look for.
                Their summer seasonal is also great.  The Heifer-In-Wheat is a Bavarian Wheat beer, similar to that Hoegaarden or Blue Moon, but with a little summer tang.  A great beer for a warm summer night.
                Finally, Stoudt’s Scarlet Lady Ale.  What may be the best of the Stoudt’s lineup is smooth with a slight kick.  This is the in-between beer of the group.  A little stronger than the Pils, a little lighter than the American Pale Ale, this is the beer that I would recommend for the connoisseur (fancy word for fancy man).

In Conclusion
                One of the great stepping-stones to the ever growing Southeastern PA beer scene, Stoudt’s Brewing Company does a great job of brewing delicious beers while not alienating the masses.  Stoudt’s is that crossover artist that puts out a few songs on the radio but when you buy the album they’re nothing like the single.  Yeah you didn’t really expect 15 tracks of “Real Slim Shady”, did you?

Quick Reference

American Pale Ale –
                For the beginner looking to get some craft beers into their life

Pils –
                Closest to the mainstream beers. Trying not to leave your safe-zone? This beer is for you.

Heifer-In-Wheat –
                Summer Wheat Beer

Scarlet Lady Ale –
                If this was sold in kegs I would be dead

~Drinks All Around~

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