Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interesting article on household uses for beer

We received an article from a reader on some household uses for "leftover beer" (is there such a thing?) Personally, I'm not buying it. Why am I going to waste a perfectly good beer? OK OK, so it may have been sitting out all day in a cooler that's losing it's cold...and it's probably going to go skunk....but I have a perfectly good German Shepard who just happens to LOVE warm beer, so I'm personally going to spoil my pookie pants instead of sticking them in my walls for insulation. (although that's pretty cool, I'm not gonna lie).

(There's my big girl Duchess enjoying her Miller Lite. As you can see, Rayna, the little one, is not a beer girl at all. Wimp.)

Oh yea, the article:

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