Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interesting article on household uses for beer

We received an article from a reader on some household uses for "leftover beer" (is there such a thing?) Personally, I'm not buying it. Why am I going to waste a perfectly good beer? OK OK, so it may have been sitting out all day in a cooler that's losing it's cold...and it's probably going to go skunk....but I have a perfectly good German Shepard who just happens to LOVE warm beer, so I'm personally going to spoil my pookie pants instead of sticking them in my walls for insulation. (although that's pretty cool, I'm not gonna lie).

(There's my big girl Duchess enjoying her Miller Lite. As you can see, Rayna, the little one, is not a beer girl at all. Wimp.)

Oh yea, the article:

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Sampling of Stoudt's Brewing Company

                Here at Drinks All Around we’re very much into the idea of supporting local Breweries and Brewpubs.  A recent vacation to the Reading area brought us to Adamstown, PA and Stoudt’s Brewing Company.  We were unable to tour the actual Brewery because of the day of the week but we did find our way into their neighboring Brewpub.
                The plan of action was to sit at the bar, eat a burger, drink a few different beers, and have fun.  What we didn’t plan for was that we were walking into one of the nicer restaurants in which we’ve ever eaten.  We sat in a lovely booth against the far wall that was closed off with its own walls and roof.  Then we ate the flesh of other living things!

But this blog is not about hedonism (usually).  It’s about the beers.
                Stoudt’s Brewing Company makes some of the better beers in the area.  I think their American Pale Ale is one of the best pale ales around. On this particular day I, of course, had one (4).
                The American Pale Ale is Stoudt’s best selling beer, and many believe the best tasting.  If you’ve been brainwashed by the big beer companies and their watered down “Lite” beers, this may be a good starting point for a new pallet geared towards the finer things in life.  (Or just fancier things to talk about while you’re passing out on the floor)
                If you’re looking for something a little lighter but still with enough full-body and flavor to satisfy, try Stoudt’s Pils.  A standard German Pilsner, this beer is terrific for all tastes and pallets.  This is that “goes down smooth without the aftertaste” beer that so many people look for.
                Their summer seasonal is also great.  The Heifer-In-Wheat is a Bavarian Wheat beer, similar to that Hoegaarden or Blue Moon, but with a little summer tang.  A great beer for a warm summer night.
                Finally, Stoudt’s Scarlet Lady Ale.  What may be the best of the Stoudt’s lineup is smooth with a slight kick.  This is the in-between beer of the group.  A little stronger than the Pils, a little lighter than the American Pale Ale, this is the beer that I would recommend for the connoisseur (fancy word for fancy man).

In Conclusion
                One of the great stepping-stones to the ever growing Southeastern PA beer scene, Stoudt’s Brewing Company does a great job of brewing delicious beers while not alienating the masses.  Stoudt’s is that crossover artist that puts out a few songs on the radio but when you buy the album they’re nothing like the single.  Yeah you didn’t really expect 15 tracks of “Real Slim Shady”, did you?

Quick Reference

American Pale Ale –
                For the beginner looking to get some craft beers into their life

Pils –
                Closest to the mainstream beers. Trying not to leave your safe-zone? This beer is for you.

Heifer-In-Wheat –
                Summer Wheat Beer

Scarlet Lady Ale –
                If this was sold in kegs I would be dead

~Drinks All Around~

Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh Hai!!!

This is an idea we've played around with for quite some time, but have never had the time or energy to pursue it. Honestly, I really don't know how to start this whole thing off, but Alex told me I had to make the first post "because it will sound nicer coming from you". I'm not really sure about that....he IS the nicer of us two....but here we go.

I promise that this will be the corniest statement I ever make on this blog, but I can't think of another way to open. Alex and I (Erica) are best friends and I can honestly say that he is my other half. (Done with the sappy!) That being said, here's a little about the two of us. He likes his burgers and I like my veggie burgers. He's a soccer hooligan, and I don't believe that's a real sport. He likes video games, I like InStyle magazine. He knows politics, I know science (or at least we pretend to know more than the other does). The list goes on and on.

Our biggest shared passion, however, is something that many will make their assumptions about us for, and that is our interest in alcohol. I don't mean that in a bad way, and I'm not condoning alcoholism or any sort of neglectful drinking. What I mean is that we're both very into finding and trying new beers, wine, vodka, etc....whatever it is, we have, or are, willing to try it. We're not the typical "I'll drink this because it's what I know" type. We like to find things we aren't sure about, or haven't hear of before, and give them a go. This is a hobby that makes us unique and has kept our relationship interesting.

Which brings us to this blog. We decided to start a blog documenting our experiences and adventures. We've traveled to breweries and wineries to get firsthand tastes of where our favorite drinks come from. We've dabbled in making our own concoctions. Got an idea for us? A recipe, brew, or place to visit? Email us at AlexOrErica@gmail.com  We've got a small lineup that should hold us over for the next few weeks, but we'd love to hear suggestions on what to try (or where to go!) next!!

(Please bear with us with the overall look of this page for the next few weeks. I am not much of an Internet gal, and I don't know how much Alex knows about this particular site, but once we get the feel of things we'll be able to make it more visually appealing.)

Until next time!!!