Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some of our Favorite Beers

Lately we've had a tough time getting drunk (a problem we don't usually have). The two of us have had conflicting work schedules with even more conflicting sleep schedules. This has warranted us less and less time to drink anything more than a beer or two a week. We've still tried to make an effort to try a few different things, which we plan on writing about in the coming weeks. Even if they're just a few short paragraphs we're still going to make an attempt at keeping this thing going. It's something that we want to do and are trying to find the time to do.

Over the time since we've started this we've had many different questions regarding our drinking habits and the blog. The one that seems to come up more frequently than others is, "What are your favorite beers?" We thought we'd take this time to just throw a few different things out there to point people in the right direction.


(These favorites are subject to change at a moments notice. Or depending on how many bottles of a particular drink I've had)

3. Rogue Chocolate Stout ~ Heavy with dark malts and a chocolate after-taste. I discovered this beer around 2009 and have loved it ever since. Also, one of the few of my favorites that you can find at a restaurant, beer distributor, or bar.

2. Kirin Ichiban ~ These top 2 were tough to pick between because they're both my goto beers. But this would probably be number 2 because of its availability. Apparently this beer is imported by Anheuser-Busch but it is brewed in Japan. Unbelievable smooth taste similar to 'Lite' beers but without the cigarette butt aftertaste. Also has a higher alcohol content than those locally brewed 'things'. A real gem if you can find it.

3. Walt Wit ~ Brewed locally by the Philadelphia Brewing Company. This is a standard White with all of the flavor that it should have. You can't find a better white than this anywhere and I'm proud that it's brewed in my city. (Also, I can get it anytime I need it *Extra Points*) Some local beers don't find ways to give much more than a different spin on classics but this one is every bit classic and stays true to what a white should be. No fruity fillers, no locally distilled sewer water to give it that Philly taste. Nothing more than what it's supposed to be and, for that, this is my favorite beer. (At least right now)


3. Hoegaarden Original White Ale ~ I'm picking this for my list because I think most beer tasters have tried this one. A relatively easy beer to find, you'll find it on tap at most mid-price bars and restaurants. This witbeer is easily recognizable when served in it's traditional hexagon-beer glass with an orange slice garnish. Even if you choose to drink it another way, this is still an easily enjoyable beer with citrus notes and a cloudy, almost fizzy, feel to it.

2. Saranac Vanilla Stout ~ I've only just found this one recently but I am in love. The first vanilla beer I have ever tried, and this is absolutely the one to beat. A heavy without being overbearing beer, with a nice vanilla flavor to it. This beer is a little bit harder to find (when our store isn't sold out of it, it's only available in single bottles) but it was worth the search. Absolutely my winter beer of choice.

1. Blue Point Brewing Co. Blueberry Ale ~ This was an easy choice. I am definitely a blueberry girl. I love blueberry anything, and this is by far the best blueberry, let alone fruity beer I've had. The smell is intoxicating, and the taste is fruity without feeling like a bitch drink. Lower alcohol content than some at 4.6%, but that just means you get to enjoy more and more of them on the path to drunkenness.

Honorable Mentions: Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat, Peak Organic Pomegranate Wheat, StrongBow Cider, Victory Lager

FYI: If you can find it, you HAVE to try Victory's limited edition Otto Ale. Brewed only this year, it's what's known as a "Smoked Ale" and, get this....tastes just like a campfire. Honestly, just like one. Probably the most distinctly flavored beer we have ever had. Would be an awesome beer to mix into some BBQ sauce or marinade as well.

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